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The computer science field is gaining hype in upcoming years as per the studies of the U.S Department of Labor Bureau of Labor Statistics, it will grow above 13 percent within the time frame year 2016 to 2026. The best choice for a student would be Computer Science, those students who love math and problem-solving. The computer science field is a highly demanding and well-paid field as well as worth to invest in it as a businessman. The computer field is spreading all over in our life from car driving to game playing, the computer science degree schools in California are spreading knowledge with practical based learning. These Californian Schools are aligned to provide students with real-world experience in these institutions. By getting an education in these institutions pupils get rewarding careers in very dynamic fields to prove their worth. Career advising facilities and the institutional ranking by QS.

Experimental learning is one of the main features of the institutions that offer Computer science focused on support to earn their livelihood, after getting a Computer science degree from Californian Institutions don’t need to make a second degree in the same field. A student from another non-American continent proudly expresses their feelings when someone asks them to tell them about their Californian Institutional experience while getting their Computer Science degree. A student who earned a degree from Californian University becomes prominent as compare to other students in their creativity, critical thoughts, computer skills, and imaginative powers become the powers of a student.

The students not only earn a degree from the Californian computer science institutions, but they also achieve complete obsolete guide in the field of Technology; as a result, they proved to be a healthy workforce. They get Computer science education which will never outdated, old-fashioned, or never obsolete because the Californian Universities teach them future courses.

List of Topmost Californian Institutes offering Computer Science degree:

1.     University of Southern California

2.     California Institute of Technology

3.     Stanford University

4.     Occidental College

5.     California State University-Montery Bay

6.     Harvey Mudd

7.     Scripps College

Why one should prefer to study Computer Science in California:

There are about four hundred fifty institutions in California offering Computer Science degrees. Even the Californian Government has increased available funding for higher education.

Californian institutions offer scholarships and loans for Computer science degree learners.

Students should think about double their interests before applying for computer science degrees in California. There are four main level degrees available in the Californian institutions:

1.     Associate Degree

2.     Bachelor’s Degree

3.     Master’s Degree

4.     Ph.D.

The kind of jobs a Computer scientist gets after successful completion of their degree:

There is a long-range of jobs related to computer scientists and their fields like an application developer, Artificial Intelligence, Machine learning engineer,

Is Computer Science Degree is tough to earn from California?

Yes, indeed the Computer Science from these Universities, is a challenging task but on another side, it pays more, for instance, a computer science graduate may earn 118,000 US $.

What are the professions which provide six-digit livelihood?

1.     Air Traffic Controller

2.     Radiation Therapist and

3.     Construction Managers earns more than computer science graduates.

Is a Computer science degree worth doing?

Yes, sure computer science degree proves an asset as a degree holder earns more than other Universities students

Career opportunities for Computer Science Degree Achievers in California:

 Computer science is a lucrative field in the growing IT industry approximately rise the national average rate from the year 2018-2028. California is famous for its high tech-based and boasts the economy of California, furthermore largest impact maker in Computer science field.

Students may choose these highly demanding fields like Web Developers, Computer Hardware engineers, and Software Developing. The big job providers or employers are Google, Facebook, Cisco various employers offered 12.1 million only in 2019.

What are the top growth careers in California?

1.     Software developers, applications

2.     Systems engineers/analysts

3.     Emerging Technology,

4.     Information Technology project management

5.     Data Statisticians

6.     Cyber Security analysts

7.     Web Developers

The growth is visible in the Information Technology sector. Computer Science Degree achievers form Californian Institutes are earning hefty salaries as compare to the other students of other institutions.

GDP increased is proof of the importance of the Technology sector. Wages calculations only cover Technology professions based on technical positions.

List of companies offering IT jobs in California:

1.     Micron Folsom, CA

2.     Bio Trillion, San Francisco, CA

3.     McKinsey & Company, San Jose, CA

4.     Rakuten Shop Style, San Mateo, CA

5.     Milken Community Schools, Los Angeles, CA

6.     Sandbox Computer for Kids, CA

7.     Vectra, CA

8.     Dolby, CA


Degrees in Computer Science from Californian Universities open new jobs in the market every year. The digital transformations in every field of life are reflecting IT jobs at all. However, the U.S Bureau of Labor Statistics does not yet start many emerging roles like; media, healthcare, or commercial services and livestock fields.

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What is the importance of Information Technology jobs for Computer science degree holders in Canada?

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