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Introduction to Amazon Virtual Assistant:

Do not do everything by yourself. You can hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant in your online business, so you can save your time and invest in other productive activities.

What is Amazon Virtual Assistant?

An Amazon assistant means a self-employed worker, working remotely in your Amazon business. They can perform various tasks from admin to content creation, product sources, or any other creative work.

Those assistants can work, a part-time job, a full-time job, or on a casual basis i.e, per task. In short, you are running a business on Amazon and you hire someone to help you out in this, he/she is your virtual assistant for Amazon.

It is just like a fiver virtual assistant who may be a freelancer or strong contractor, works based on their skills and managing administrative, marketing, or business tasks for you.

We must hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant?

If you are thinking about why you should hire an assistant for your Amazon because. We are giving you all the reasons, why you need to hire an assistant.

Are you a busy person, and you do not want to spend your time on admin tasks because of a tough schedule. You must need to hire an assistant, who will look after all the monotonous admin tasks of your Amazon business when you are unavailable.

Now you are available for other productive activities or something that is non-business related. Think about where you can invest your precious time, and record what you are working on at that time for a month. At the end of the month, ask yourself should I do that all admin-related stuff by myself? You will be surprised by knowing how much time you are spending on all productive tasks.

They work remotely. Yes, the virtual assistant for your Amazon business or any other platform, does not need to come into your home or office. They work online, sometimes called online professional assistants.

If you are not pro in business and do not keep a lot of experience, you need to hire a professional assistant to grow your business.

Hiring a virtual assistant for Amazon can lessen your frustration and burden. It will also help you to feel satisfied and organized. They work in your off-hours. A big advantage of hiring a VA assistant is they will be online and work when you are busy or unavailable to reach a customer. They will provide you an Amazon virtual customer service.

Why hire an Amazon Virtual Assistant?
Who is Amazon Virtual Assistant?

After watching Amazon assistant reviews, you will be happy to know it is seriously a beneficial decision for you to hire one.

What are Virtual Assistant’s responsibilities?

If you are thinking about, what a virtual assistant can do for you. Here we are providing you an Amazon virtual assistant services list.

Product Sourcing:

Sharing my personal experience, the biggest amount of time spent by my Amazon virtual assistant is on product sourcing. It is a little hard to train a VA in but is the easiest to outsource in the form of deal sheets.

Amazon Virtual Customer Service:

Your virtual assistant can also handle customer service by answering all the customer queries when you are unavailable. But it should not be a priority because it would not take so much time and mostly 99.99% of issues are handled by Amazon itself.

Admin Tasks:

This is the most important thing to outsource and easy to do but time-consuming. Your VA should do this and it is easy to get an assistant for admin tasks.

Manage Calendar:

Your VA will also manage your schedule. You can just tell your assistant something related to your business and let go of the things from your mind. For instance, Your Amazon VA will manage all that by managing your calendar.

Great Online Research:

If you are thinking about a new marketing strategy, new product line, or something productive, first let your Amazon VA do proper research about this. In the end, this will help you a lot.

Hidden facts to know before hiring a virtual assistant

In other words, before hiring, you should know it is time to hire an Amazon virtual assistant for you. If you have decided to hire one, keep in mind the few important things before hiring mentioned below:

You have to be clear about what tasks you are hiring an Amazon VA. Be specific. Do not just think you are hiring them for outsourcing. Just think about what methods you want them to use for outsourcing. How you want them to work? What it will cost? Keep in mind all these things before the start.

The next question is from where to hire? There are so many online platforms for this. You can use OnlineJobs.ph to find virtual assistants. I will suggest hiring from the Philippines because of my good personal experience.

Post for the job and low wages. You can easily find templates for this. Keep your job post generic. You can find a VA in lower wages from the Philippines.

Difference between OAxray and Tactical Arbitrage?

Tactical Arbitrage VS OAXray

OAXrayTactical Arbitrage
It is a Google Chrome extension, that allows you to the website of an online store and it scans the page containing products to find the matches on the Amazon catalog.This is online software that allows you to scan the whole category of the website of the store to find matches in a mason catalog. It may be done by either UPC or product title.
Having a YouTube channel, where you can watch tutorials for getting started.It also has a YouTube channel for even more advanced training.
OXRay lists on websites provide information that how you can use your programs to source items on Amazon. It allows you to upload a spreadsheet of UPC and prices, so you can check against the Amazon catalog.It is a powerful tool that allows you to scan the entire category in one scan.
It has a relatively low learning curve.The learning curve is much steeper than OAXray.
It scans one page at a time on an online store. Time is directly optional to the no. of items on the page.Time is directly proportional to the no. of items in the category you are scanning.
You can use OAXray with your VA for OA outsourcing to scanning for you.You can also use this software with your VA to do scanning and save your time.
Beginners to OA should use OAXray because it is a simple tool.Highly experienced should use this because it is an advanced tool.

Here we are sharing some reviews about both the tools.

According to research on OAxray review, However, it is much easier to use and a simple tool. Many people do not want to use tactical arbitrage because of complicated features.

Final Thoughts:

In conclusion, Virtual assistants are very helpful if you have established a business on any platform including Amazon. They will save you time, so you can spend on other useful activities.  Good luck!

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