America’s Best Wings: 10 Things That EVERYONE Overlooks When Ordering Their Favorite Dish

America's favorite dish, America's Best Wings

US People Likes America’s Best Wings. The wings are America’s favorite dish and there are many little details to take into consideration when ordering your favorite American dishes. These recipes will make your chicken wing experience much more enjoyable!

Top Four Chicken Wing Flavors:

Some of the best chicken wing flavors America has to offer include:


If you love a good kick, you will love the spicy chicken wings from America’s Best Wings. These wings are just about as “spicy” as spicy can get, but they’re perfect for those who have a high tolerance to spice. They have just the right amount of heat that increases with every bite. I find myself enjoying these wings more and more because they combine a great flavor with a little bit of a kick to it.


Mild is the second weakest flavor of tobacco. It’s ranking right under lights and above mediums, which are not widely considered legitimate flavors because of their light taste. There is nothing to be ashamed of if you enjoy the mild flavor it’s a pretty decent choice. It’s smooth and doesn’t give an overwhelming feeling when you’re smoking it. If you love the feel of a cigarette between your fingers and lips then mediums might be best for you because they provide that same sensation light cigarettes do but come with a stronger flavor.

Going out to eat can be an overwhelming experience for those who are picky, but it doesn’t have to be as long as you know what to expect from restaurants. Don’t think of going out to eat as being an opportunity for your server and the chef to ruin your night, think of it as a chance for you to be pleasantly surprised by the new flavors you can experience.

Tangy BBQ:

Tangy BBQ is one of America’s Best Wings signature sauces. Tangy BBQ is made with an innovative mix of ingredients, including brown sugar, bourbon, honey, and more. It has a tang that is neither too sweet nor too spicy. America’s best wings Co-founders have been passionate about the creation of this sauce since its inception years ago because they wanted to recreate that same tangy BBQ flavor from their childhoods in Atlanta.

America's favorite dish, America's Best Wings
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Chef Jesse Custer created this sauce for America’s best wings because he wanted to do something creative and new with his cooking. He was inspired by a dish at a restaurant where the chef took a traditional BBQ sauce and put a unique twist on it by adding some sweet undertones. Chef Custer went to his America’s best wings co-founder, Jim Duffy, and asked for his input. Duffy immediately knew that this unique twist would be the perfect America’s best wings sauce because it had an interesting flavor profile that would complement America’s best wings’ menu of crispy chicken wings perfectly.


The chicken wings that are served in America’s best wings restaurants are called buffalo.

The term “buffalo” is thought to have come from the city of Buffalo, New York, which was one of the first places in America where people started serving them at their bars and taverns. The small town of Buffalo also had a reputation for being one of America’s wildest party towns during the 1970s, so it makes sense why these dishes would be associated with this particular region.

Buffalo Wings came into existence when someone decided to fry up some chicken parts and mix them with hot sauce before tossing them into a deep fryer until they were crispy brown on the outside but still moist on the inside. This created what America knows as America’s best wings.

At America’s best wings restaurants, they serve them with traditional bar food sides like blue cheese dressing and crunchy celery sticks on the side.

What you’re putting in your body?

America’s Best Wings’ wings are made from 100% all-natural whole chicken breast meat. The wings are oven-baked in a unique blend of herbs and spices that includes both savory and sweet flavors. They’re then deep-fried in heart-healthy canola oil before going into a dry rub marinade that includes a special blend of savory spices.

The result is a crispy, tasty treat that will please any palate! And because they’re not fried in pesticides or GMO-filled soybean oil like most national chains, you don’t have to worry about what you’re putting in your body!

  1. They’re 100% Natural – No Preservatives or GMOs
  2. Sourced from the Best Chickens – No Growth Hormones
  3. Crispy on the outside, Tender & Juicy on the inside
  4. Mindfully-Sourced Herbs and Spices
  5. Simpler Ingredients to Heal Your Body
  6. You Can Taste the Difference
America's favorite dish, America's Best Wings
Source: Google (Creative Common License + Canva Modification)

10 Things That EVERYONE Overlooks When Ordering Their Favorite Dish:

  1. Don’t settle for standard American seasoned fries. Adding ranch seasoning, Cajun seasoning, or garlic salt can make your favorite fried delight even better!
  2. Want to keep the grease off of yourself (and not on your clothes)? Be sure to ask for extra napkins and avoid using any sort of sauce that is dripping with oil.
  3. Spice up life a little by asking for two different sauces to dip your wings in – one sweet and one savory. This will allow you to enjoy flavors other than just buffalo sauce or hot sauce – which are both delicious but might get tiring over time.
  4. If you don’t want the bones getting stuck in your teeth, be sure to tell them how you want it served – with, without, or cut in half.
  5. Sometimes wings are served with what is known as the “wing pit” which is between the two bones of the wing. You can ask them to leave this piece out before cooking if it isn’t already sometimes left out by default. This way, you don’t have to deal with a pesky wing pit during your American dish experience.
  6. This is a personal preference, but some American dishes come with what’s known as the “wingtip”. If you aren’t into eating this part of the American dish, be sure to tell them not to include it when they are cooking your American food!
  7. When ordering American food, America’s favorite dish is often served with America’s favorite snack – America’s favorite chips! Order American flavored chips to enjoy while you eat your American foods.
  8. Don’t forget to ask for ranch dressing packets so you can have an American sauce experience without all of the mess! Ranch goes great with America’s favorite dish.
  9. We have all experienced American food that is microwaved or overcooked at least once. To avoid this American nightmare, be sure to tell your American food server exactly how you want it cooked!
  10. Don’t forget an American beverage! Whether it’s America’s favorite soda, America’s favorite American sports drink, America’s favorite American juice – there is no wrong choice when it comes to choosing an American beverage.

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America’s Best Wings is America’s favorite American food and we’ve provided you with 10 things that everyone overlooks when ordering their favorite American dishes. These simple changes can make your experience of eating America’s best wings even better!