Why do some people believe that freelancing is the future and has a wide scope? Freelancing importance

freelancing importance in the Future

Freelancing Importance in the Future: Why do some people believe that freelancing is the future and has a wide scope? That is a question arises in every mind. I am going to explain to you guys about freelancing importance in the Future. Significance in the future means, whether these trends are going to continue in the coming future. We’ll talk about some qualitative factors that you might not be aware of, and it can also help us make these predictions and structure our career path.

Objective Study Conducted:

An objective study conducted by Upwork. To create this study, 6000 people were surveyed, and those people were both freelancers and non-freelance workers at various skill levels. We can categorize workers into two different classifications skilled, something like software development design, or unskilled, which are more simple tasks like data entry.

freelancing is the future, freelancing importance in the Future
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The first astonishing stat is that 36 of the people surveyed, a sample of the entire US workforce, actually did Freelancing last year. One in three people did, what we would call freelance work in the whole country of the US, which is a lot higher than I expected. Freelancing, a quarter of the total people freelance were above 55. The entire half was freelancer’s. So 50 people in the younger age demographics. 

Landing your First Client as a Freelancer with NO Experience:

When you’re starting out freelancing, should you try to go directly to your potential clients, or should you use a platform like Upwork or fiver? According to this survey, 91 of existing freelancers recommended that people start with media, and I always say platforms are like freelancing with training wheels. They take care of a lot of the variables and complexity of companies. There are already qualified and intelligent people.

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Why is it Important to have a Stable Job:

Job stability is a frequently asked question or confusion. Before covid, many people used to tell you that a full-time job is more stable and worthy. But I think fewer people are taking that as gospel. As you know, untold numbers of people were laid off last year. In other words, having this greater autonomy over your income allows you to stay in control more.

Another common concern is that people will leave their job and end up doing less Freelancing. But it turns out that; 65% of people; who reject two-thirds end up making more after leaving. This part is crazy; a full sixty percent of people surveyed said they would never go back to a traditional full-time job for any amount of money, So they value their freedom. 

freelancing is the future, freelancing importance in the Future
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People make money out of Freelancing. And it is based on skilled or unskilled freelancers across all different professions, and the important thing is that the software developers have among the highest averages income.

Why Freelancing Dominate in Future:

Let’s talk a bit more about qualitative data, logically walking through, Why Freelancing might dominate more and more in the coming years? And how you can use that fact to your advantage. I hired different kinds of people (freelancers) to do work for me on various projects. 

Hiring Freelancers:

Hiring a freelancer allows you to do is niche down in a very narrow way. Now what I mean is if you hire a full-time employee. It could be a Designer and might have one specific specialty. In my case, I need an infographic pdf made, and I could go specifically to a guy, who only does infographic pdfs all day. Maybe he’s doing this for a few years, and I could get the best infographic pdf, maker.

When I can hire him just for one job? I can get the expert precisely what I need. This is an excellent aspect from both angles because you can be like the number one infographics guy, and you can also hire that infographics guy if you need to find him. The following kind of two-sided advantage is the pay because there are many regulations around .you know hiring a full-time employee. You have to give them insurance certain benefits and follow the tax structure of having a full-time employee.

freelancing is the future, freelancing importance in the Future
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Somewhere like in San Francisco, where contractors make more money in an hour than a full-time employee.

Full-time Employee:

When you hire a full-time employee or worker, they become a sizeable fixed expense. You have to pay their salary. No matter, what and for that like job security. You can start someone as a Freelance.  It’s like low commitment, and then if they’re delicious.

When you have full-time employees?, you want to bring them all under one roof, and then you know you give everyone their t-shirt or their hoodie, and you have this kind of company culture. You’re trying to build with your full-time employees. 


Freelancing helps you to get independent. By working on up work and fiver, you can earn a healthy amount of money in a short period—all you need to polish your skills. Freelancing makes you your own boss.