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The term is simple, and in general, it explains the high size data, gathered on a daily basis raw data High sized organized and refined data.

Purposes of Big Data:

Big data facilitates organizations and firms to produce/introduce up-to-date progressive chances.

What is the real size of Big Data?

Big Data could be as large as to be considered, and it becomes too complex for common people and computer machines for processing.

Types of Big Data / Four Vs of Big Data:

There are various types of big data, like variety, volume, velocity, and healthcare.

Sources of Big Data / How big data creates:

The heavy sized big data achieve out from three main sources:

i) Transactional Data

ii) Machine data

iii) social data

What is Big Data assembling ways?

The ten ways of Big Data collection:

1.     Questionnaires

2.     Interviews

3.     Oral histories

4.     Documents and records

5.     Focus groups

6.     Observations

7.     Online tracking

8.     In-Store traffic monitoring

9.     Online marketing research

10.  Surveys

How many types of DataData?

There are four types of Big Data,

i) Procedural

ii) conceptual

iii) knowledge

iv) Metacognitive.

Is Data worth more than gold?

Yes, truly Big Data is more valuable than gold. It does not mean digression and hyphening of the data.

Who are the consumers of big data / main users of Big data?

Big DataData is being used for customer insights for transparent and simpler products, and it predicts customers behavior through data derived from social media, Big data has another benefit to retain data. Big DataData is continuously / non-stoppable been used.

How big data impacts modern business?

Pile of data which makes huge data groups which can be analyzed to disclose the patterns, trends, and associations. This big data also permit the user to take beneficiary choices, which increase not only revenue and also decrease costs. Business owners recognize the ratio of their profits and make their customers happier through their services by maintaining big data, these business owners make profitable decisions.

What are the certain risks attached to Big Data?

Big data projects not only help owners to take above-mentioned benefits but side by side Big Data has a risk factor in it:

1.     Bad data,

2.     Cost,

3.     Privacy

4.     Security

Where may Big Datastore?

A lot of people relates HDFS or Hadoop distributed file system with Hadoop data warehouses.

Is coding, necessary to sort out Big Data?

Coding is an art or a skill to deal with big data. One has to determine the numerical and statistical analysis with huge data groups. Python, Java, R, and C++.

In how many months I can be a perfect big data scientist?

One may become a data scientist within six months.

Can we limit Big Data?

The governments, organizations, and academic official tasks may perform with them. Yes of course, we can limit data according to our needs.

What is Blockchain?

A blockchain is a distributed record of dealings across a p2p network. Contributors may assure their transactions without any further centralized clearance authorization. The highest possible prospective applications/examples contain voting, settling, trades and fund transfers, tenant and owner agreements. In short, by using technology effectively, one may perform the tasks efficiently and with perfection.

The father/inventor of the Blockchain system?

Satoshi Namakoto is the inventor of the Blockchain system, invented in the year 2008, until then its application circle was limited to with public transaction ledger cryptocurrency bitcoin.

Is the upcoming era is of Blockchain?

Satoshi Namakoto revolutionized the blockchain system in modern business. Today we cannot move without the effective participation of Blockchain. However, we can expect that governments will own this system to perform their day to day official proceeding by using the Blockchain system so that the govts may facilitate the public masses through their improved public services never before.

Why is Blockchain eminent nowadays?

Just because of its perfection in business chores, it is earning fame day by day, and people are being attracted to the blockchain tasks. All in all, it is a well-designed blockchain stores record in blocks that are joined each other mostly banks and other business who have a clear cut idea of the modern business requirements take an interest in adopting the blockchain system. There are few strategies that may make its usage more effective and efficient; like, to make the business case, have to adopt Blockchain very sensibly, design it intentionally, have to make an ecosystem, and navigate its uncertainty.

By eliminating the chances of involvement of the third party, the blockchain management system is earning its value, and it rejects the inaccurate, malfunctioned data to provide you verified data by multiple/various authorities which enhances its authenticity.

One another benefit of Blockchain is that it works in virtual currencies without needing physical money. It has a vast banking system across the borders.

I would like to mention a few benefits of using a blockchain system:

1.     Process of payments and cash transmissions

2.     Serve small business owners

3.     Promote retail business and recompenses

4.     Heavy data transferability

5.     Helps digital polling method

6.     Realty business

7.     Tracing of Food from farm to plate

8.     Undeniable heavy statistics tailbacks

9.     Tax byelaws and agreements

10. Medical/biodata achiever and saver

11.  Weapons controlling

12.  Workers welfare – ILO and US state department working on the worker’s welfare to make better labour policies.

13.  Digital Wills and inheritances by using smart contract and no and name of heirs.


Big data and blockchains would rule in upcoming times by impacting the segments, redefine the old-fashioned financial systems, it will manage all related streamlines contract implementations. Blockchain protects data integrity through multiple verifications. Exponential data

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