how to make a facebook post shareable, Facebook Ads and Organic Content to Build Awareness:

Facebook Post Shareable
Facebook Post Shareable

How to make a facebook post shareable, I’m going to explain to you guys how to leverage the content you are already creating and get it in front of a new audience and people. Brand awareness ads are among the most underrated Facebook ad campaigns structure and only require 5% of your ad budget.

Let’s first talk about the ad creative, and then I’m going to let you guys know exactly how to set this up in Ads Manager. Most people are already creating some form of content. Facebook lives, blog posts, podcasts, episodes, and quality social media content. , what people are rarely doing is taking that content and putting small ads so more people can see it.ย ย 

make a facebook post shareable
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Benefits of Facebook Advertising:

1-Gather audience:

For example, I had a client do Facebook live video. Her organic audience saw it for the first couple of days. And then it stopped at 2000 views and stopped getting any more momentum. We put a small ad behind it. And for less than a thousand dollars, we get thousands of views on that particular content. Through her videos, more people connect with her and with her content, and now she takes that audience and shows them more Facebook Native ads.ย 

Peoples get tired of seeing one thing on the social media platform. They are more qualified, and they all need something interesting, something new. Facebook ads help you to connect with your audience. If you spend 5% of your monthly budget on ad awareness, it allows you to seek Facebook attention. And after that, Facebook starts giving you favors on the basics of your content because the audience starts engaging your content.

2-Touchpoints benefits:

The other benefit is creating multiple touchpoints with your audience. Usually, it said that somebody needs five to seven touchpoints with your brand before they will become a paying customer. By implementing this strategy, you’re creating those touchpoints. Now when choosing this brand awareness content, it must be of high quality. Remember, this will often be somebody’s first interaction with your brand. Your aim to be able to give them results and micro results with that content and making sure you line up this content with the problem your business solves.  

For example, I specialize in marketing, but if I put content about being a mom and a business owner and running a team, it would be not very clear to the audience to then know what I sell. So you have to make sure what you are doing or selling because it helps your audience stick to you and solves their problems.ย 

The real benefit of putting ads to your content is that when you run an ad at the start of your content, it has a way longer life span than your organic content. Every day new people approach your content. So for that reason, you only need about four pieces of content a month.

make a facebook post shareable
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Public Demands:  

Your goal is to approach more people on your content. For this, you need to choose that particular content which is the need of the hour. Have a look at the magazines. Go out seek people, their likes and dislikes. After then you can approach more audiences. 

People who read your blog and you can show them any ad you want. That makes sense for your strategy, and it could be a webinar ad, a sales ad, and a video series ad a lead magnet. And those people will take action and opt-in or sign up or buy that offer much more likely than somebody who has never heard of you before. If you run ads to a video, you’re now able to create audiences of people who watched all different video lengths, 25%, 50%, 95% of your videos. 

Ads Manager Plus Expertise:

ย We use Ads Manager, which is different than boosting your post. You don’t want to promote your content because you don’t have control over the objective. When you promote a post, the automatic aim is engagement, but if you create the actual campaign in your Ads Manager using facebook campaign planner, .you can have an objective of video views for your video or landing page views. If you’re setting somebody to a blog, so you have a lot more control as the advertiser, you also can test different audiences. Whereas when you boost a post, you have one option.ย 

Ads Manager Essential Guides:

Now let’s walk through Ads Manager and set up a brand awareness ad.

1. So first, you’ll come to your Ads Manager, and you’ll press create a new Facebook ad campaign structure.ย 

2. Then, we’re going to select the objective. The primary goals that you’ll choose for your campaign will either be traffic if you’re sending people to a blog post or a podcast page on your website or video views. If people engage you on your video through your Facebook page, you promote the post on your Facebook. So we’re going to select that objective and press continue.ย ย 

3. So, first name your campaign. Something that makes sense for you for this, I’m going to call it a Facebook live test.ย ย 

make a facebook post shareable
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4. Now, you’ll come down and select your budget. And remember I said, ‘s 5% of your monthly ad spend budget is your total budget for brand awareness. I would figure out what that means for a daily budget for you. For this, I’m going just to put in $10 a day. Once we have the budget set for this campaign and it is named.

5. We press next which takes us to our ad set level. That is where we’re going to select our targeting here .we’re going to go down and adjust our age. First, I’m going put age 25 to 50. You would put the age of your ideal customer here. Then you can change the gender. I’m going to leave it all genders.ย ย 

6. What’s called detailed targeting? If this looks different, for any reason, you’re looking for the word’s precise targeting. So click edit. And now there’s so many options you can put in social media marketing any keywords that relate to your ideal customer. You’re trying to find. When you’re doing this now, scrolling down, you’ll leave the audience expansion unchecked and select automatic placement. Now, this is something that does frequently change with Facebook in terms of what’s best practice. So feel free to test automatic or manual placement. But as of now, I would leave automatic placement.

7. Now press next. We’re at the ad level, and you have two options here. You either load the ad in here with your content, or you can pull an existing post from your Facebook page. I’m going to tell you how to draw a current post. For example, on a Facebook live. First, you’ll select the Facebook page that you want to pull that one. As well as the Instagram account, then I’m going to choose to use an existing post. And then, I’m going to select a base. Now this will pull all of your recent Facebook posts from your Facebook page. Remember to choose those posts or content which has the most determining quality content. And then put ads behind it.

8. Once you have your post selected, you’ll press continue, and Facebook will show you an example of what that ad is going to look like. And all you have to do from there is press publish. Now your ad is live in Ads Manager or should be in review, and you can see it here as well as see all of the results. Once it’s running now that these ads are live, they will be building up specific audiences that you can re-target to any step in your marketing strategy.


Keep your content enjoyable to approach more audience. Ads manager helps you by putting ads on your content to create traffic or gather more content. And with the help of thousands of audience, you get the chance to promote your content on social media platforms, I.e., Facebook, Instagram.