How to set up your Upwork Profile in 2021


How to set up your Upwork Profile, I will explain to you guys the best practices, best tips and tricks to improve your up work profile. You can really grow your profile. You will start getting more customers and get on the right track to start making money from the up work platform. I will give you general advice that is applicable to everyone based on the real case study or scenario.

Your Profile Catches Attention:

The very first thing that really catches your attention when you’re on up work is your profile picture.  Now a lot of people don’t make a good impression just by their profile picture and this really bugs me.  It is such an easy thing to do well.

Source: UNSPLASH (Photos For Everyone)

All you need to do is go out there and take a good picture of yourself. Now, this seems to be a basic piece of advice but really let me tell you a few basics of taking your picture.  Believe me, I’ve seen so many profiles the pictures are just as if their head was too far away or too close.

What you need to do is you need to take a picture that is presenting you within the circle with a background that doesn’t blend with the skin colour. People can clearly see your face in the picture and you want to look professional. You don’t need to necessarily wear a suit. You don’t need to wear a tie but don’t take pictures in tank tops. Just get a friend who has a professional camera or goes to a photographer and get a proper picture of yourself.

Clients Looked Up Your Titles:

The next thing is your titles. I have realized that a lot of you who asked to review their up work profiles. They actually don’t have a good title for what they do. And this is why you’re potentially missing out on the up workers.

Who are looking to hire and the up work algorithm system is recommending them to freelancers with a certain keyword in the title and in the description. What you want to do is you want to reshape your title. These are the most important keywords that your buyers might be looking for. So think about specific technologies.

I’ve seen a lot of people writing that they are full stack developer instead of writing python.  I’ve seen people who are writing that they are spreadsheet masters but not writing down Microsoft excel or google sheets. Those are really important as keywords to be set as your tags in your profile description. And in the title and this is the way to get yourself found in the same way.

Source: UNSPLASH (Photos For Everyone)

That is how search engine optimization works. You want to work with both with the machine. Which are search engine optimization and you want to work with humans.   You need to have a good quality picture on which you look professional. Where they can see you smile they can see your eyes.  And they can just feel like they want to work with you.

How you made a high success score profile?

Then the next thing that I have realized is that a lot of people who send their profiles they don’t have high success score. Some of them have a 50 per cent success score. Some of them have a 45 job success score. And this is just not okay. You really need to get it.

Now how do you get it?  Well, you need to start getting projects.  you need to start boosting your up work profile. if you are not having enough reviews you will not go to have a review of your work expressed in the form of the job success score. You really need to have this visible in your profile because it increases your up work conversions.

How do you do it well you need multiple clients? You’re looking for clients but then you don’t have enough portfolio items. Because of this particular reason you’re just not able to get more projects.

Send your profiles to outsiders:

What you need to do is first complete those first steps that I told you about. Once you complete that you want to apply to a certain amount of jobs per day. And if you cannot find anybody to hire you.  Then what you can do is you can send your up work profile to people who are outside of up work and request them to hire you through up work.

This is a legal method of establishing contracts with you.   In the same way, as you can share your fever gigs outside of fiver to drive traffic from outside of fiver to the fiver platform. And in the same way from outside of up work to the up work platform.

Now the reason why up work allows this legally is that this drives more traffic and revenue towards the up work platform. It helps you to boosts your profile and because you’re driving more customers to up work. Upwork will reward you in the form of having more reviews under your profile.

Source: UNSPLASH (Photos For Everyone)

Which actually makes the algorithm appear to be recognizing you during recommendations as raising talent. This is not really proven but this is my suspicion. But also you can see that people have more credibility.  When they are looking at you.

They think you’re more credible because you have a job success score.  If you don’t have a good picture. If you don’t have good keywords or if you don’t have a good job success score. Then there are very low odds that you’re going to be hired and that somebody is not going to outcompete you.

Get specialized in specific technology:

What you want to do is you want to specialize in a specific technology that people are looking for on up work. It seems to work really well.

For Example; Instead of saying that you are an e-commerce newsletter optimizer. You could say that your clavier expert.  Instead of saying that you’re an automation expert, you can also say that you have experience with zapier.

I’m talking about specific niches .what you want to do is you want to find those sub-niches on up work.  You want to find the sub-niches on that work and because you found some niches.  You have way fewer people who are competing with you to win those jobs. Why are you targeting something that so many other people are trying to target?   Target the niches that are less saturated by other freelancers.


In Conclusion, a Success score requires getting more clients. For this particular purpose, you guys have to follow all the ways (profile, title etc.) I have explained.