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Importance of Cybersecurity, Cybersecurity is a tool or method through which we secure our laptops, desktops, servers, mobile phones, all electronic devices, networks and try to preserve or ensure to secure our precious data from the malicious and vicious attacks through using their systems through various camouflaging techniques by sending links to someone’s system. They attain unauthorized access into your systems and hacks, steal valuable information, passwords. They enter in targeted systems. All in short cybercriminals or hackers grab money in their accounts. Cybercrimes are mostly committed in groups or sometimes individually.

Do everyone needs Cybersecurity?

Never, ever share your screen, information with anyone. It could penalize you, you could be deprived of the enormous amount you earned with hard work and dedication in years, but cybercriminals hack the money within minutes or a couple of seconds. They not only steal money but sometimes enemy country cyber attackers may attack national websites. In this way, one may remove your precious national data or leak your data. Some organizations feel more vulnerable to these cyber-attacks just because of high dependence on systems digitally on various platforms like computers, networks, social media, and programs.

Don’t ever provide your passwords or give online remote access to someone on your device in any way.

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How a cybercriminal may attack your system:

Importance of Cybersecurity wing, It would help if you read the entire article to protect from the malicious cyber-attack, we as a freelance family are working on the internet. It is essential to protect you while working online.

Cyber Security Attacks:

1.     Drive-by attack

2.     Password attack

3.     Malware attack

4.     Man-in-the-middle (MitM) attack

5.     SQL injection attack

6.     Cross-site scripting (XSS) attack

7.     Eavesdropping attack

8.     Birthday attack

9.     Eavesdropping attack

10.   Denial-of-service (DoS) and distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks

11.   DNS Tunneling

12.   Zero-day exploit

13.   Phishing

14.   Social Network Fraud

To protect these types of attacks, there is much importance of Cyber security.

We can align them all above-mentioned cyber-attacks in three types of security:

1.     Management Security

2.     Operational Security

3.     Physical Security.

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Is Cyber Security a challenge? Or is it difficult to protect ourselves?

No, Cybersecurity is Important, it’s not hard to protect yourself while online just be aware of malicious attacks and don’t ever share your personal information with anyone. All financial institutions, Google, Facebook, LinkedIn all the daily high usage platforms highly recommend to save your personal information. They stress to secure it to avoid any mishap.

As things are progressing people are preferring to hire cybersecurity guards and their salaries range from 102,000 to 130,000, their job descriptions include protect system information, organizational digital assets, to recognizes the threats, he reports and detects all violations that occurred, finds out all the abnormalities happened, manage and control structures, to give a shut call to all threats, close liaison with civil protection agencies whenever it is necessary. There is a lot of Importance of Cybersecurity.

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A Job Career in Cybersecurity in Pakistan:

Importance of Cybersecurity Wing in Pakistan because, Cybersecurity is in high demanding job nowadays, it’s rapidly the growing field as well, a person works in a fast-paced environment where things happen quickly in a blink of an eye. As a cyber-guard, you protect the company’s assets or valuable information. Those who are seeking cybersecurity jobs in the relevant field have to adopt suck set of skills pertinent to secure data online. These soft skills are in demand; everybody requires Cybersecurity to protect his/her data. As we belong to Pakistan, our beloved homeland, there are various Universities are offering, BS Cyber Security degree and their name are as follows:

1.     Air University

2.     Comsats university

3.     National University of Computer and Emerging Sciences

4.     Khawaja Fareed UEIT

5.     Ripah International University

6.     The Superior University

7.     The Institute of Southern Punjab

8.     Riphah International University, Faisalabad Campus

9.     Air University, Aerospace & Aviation Campus Kamra

All the above-mentioned universities are offering 4 Years BS programs. Cybersecurity is possible as Cybersecurity is a demanding field and is the fastest-growing field and huge demands for the job are occurring day by day. I am providing a list of companies that requires Cybersecurity experts in their organizations, on the day and date, posted this article:

List of organizations that require Cybersecurity experts:

1.   Veon, Islamabad.

2.   IBA

3.   Sectechs

4.   PJP

5.   Karachi

6.   Telenor Pakistan

7.   Rawalpindi


9.   Alif Development Solutions

10. ASAP Technology

11. ALM Human Resources

12. Pakistan Mercantile Exchange Limited

13. Karachi

14. Brain Mobi

15. Student Shelter In Computers

16. SMEK

17. Contour Software

18. Onyx Security Company

19. Habib Modaraba

20. HRSG

21. CureMD

22. vFairs

23. Spekit

24. Samba Bank Limited

25. Mustakbil

26. National Clearing Company of Pakistan Limited

27. U Microfinance Bank Ubank

28. Global SNI (PVT.) LTD

29. Techzuke

30. Alphadxb

31. Elite Engineering (Pvt) Ltd


33. Jazz

34. Spekit

35.  Air University

36. Confidential

37. Daraz Pakistan

38. ITSolution24x7

39. Hasnain Tanweer Associates (HTA)

40. Trillium Information Security Systems

41. The Bank of Khyber BOK

42. Planning and Development Department, Quetta

43. Techline

44. Security Company

45. Kualitatem Pvt Ltd

46. Jubilee Life Insurance

47. Cyber Intelligent Solutions Pvt Ltd

48. N7 Tech

49. Wadic

50. Gaditek

51. Xonique Net

52. Confisa International Group

53. Ericsson

54. Confisa International Group

55. National Response Centre for Cyber Crimes FIA

56. PureLogics

57. Silicon Systems Solutions

58. VaporVM

59. Zong

And list goes on, the purpose of compiling a huge list of employers require cybersecurity experts in their public and private organizations is to make more secure the data of their users.

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A person who likes the field of Cybersecurity, You must have an expert in the following fields:

1.    Network Administrator with knowledge of Network Engineering

2.    He should be an IT Technician

3.    He should be a Web administrator

4.    He should be System administrator

5.    He should be web developer

6.    He should know the mobile app development and complete functions

The main purpose of this article to invite our youth to come and join this field in which still lots of seats are vacant, companies are eagerly finding their chaps, but unfortunately, our youth is continuously ignoring this field from years to years. Come and choose it as a highly rewarding career in terms of remunerations and perks. Market demands more professionals in the field of Cybersecurity.

The international Online Certifications available on the internet regarding Cybersecurity:

1.    Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH)

2.    NIST Cybersecurity Framework (NCSF)

3.    Certified Information Systems Auditor (CISA)

4.    Certified Information System Security Professional (CISSP)

5.    CompTIA Security+

6.    Certified Cloud Security Professional (CCSP)

7.    Computer Hacking Forensic Investigator (CHFI)

8.    Cisco Certified Network Associate (CCNA) Security.

Entry Level Cyber Security Jobs:

Unbelievable, Companies are hiring experts to make their IT systems strong against any cyber threat. The skills you mention in your CV as a cybersecurity expert or analyst make you separate from thousands of CVs received in a company against this seat. Cybersecurity experts scan, protect, test, and hack the systems.

They stop any upcoming penetration in our systems. These job functions demand a high level of trust; this trust is being rewarded by the companies. A well-versed cybersecurity expert is being paid 55.77 $ per hour, which rising time by time.

The countries which prefer cyber analysts and experts:

1.    Pakistan

2.    Spain

3.    UK

4.    USA

5.    Canada

6.    Malaysia

7.    Singapore

8.    Lithuania

9.    Estonia

10. India

According to the latest researches, Pakistan falls in the category of countries with cybersecurity concerns or commitments. In conclusion, I would highly recommend Pakistani IT students to join the cybersecurity field to save our country’s stake.

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