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New Features WhatsApp Update, this article will tell you about all the new features of WhatsApp. So, keep reading to find out more. WhatsApp is the most popular messaging app in the world and WhatsApp has many features as well.

Latest updates of Whatsapp, all features of Whatsapp

Before introducing the features of Whatsapp, we must know the answer to one and the only one question.

Is Whatsapp safe?

Being the most powerful and the biggest, social message app, WhatsApp is still not safe, however, there are some drawbacks of WhatsApp, which becomes this app not safe.

  • Malware
  • Status is not private
  • Fraud and Fake News
  • No encryption in the back-up messages
  • Hackers can easily alter images and videos

New Features Whatsapp Update Drawbacks:

These were some drawbacks, that shows that WhatsApp is not safe still now.

Recently, Company has launched a new Whatsapp update i.e. WhatsApp has been seen working on Amazing new features. some features have already been launched, some others are yet to be launched in the days to come. 

These new features are on the way, including one that should help make sure you don’t miss out on group calls.

WhatsApp was spotted testing voice/video calls for its web and desktop version. So, the company is planning to introduce some extraordinary, important, new, and inspiring features.

We’ve compiled a list of WhatsApp features that are ready to be launched in 2021.

New Features Of WhatsApp

  • Audio and Video Calling For WhatsApp Web
  • Multi-Device Supported
  • Mute Video Before Sending
  • Read Later Feature
  • Join Missed Group Calls
  • Attach Multiple Photos and Videos

Audio and video calling for WhatsApp Web

The recent additions to the app include voice calling, video calling on Web WhatsApp. It allows the user to make voice and video calls directly from Web WhatsApp.

Nowadays, you can only send messages, files voice notes to contacts using the WhatsApp Web and Desktop App.

It is One of the Most-Impressive features of WhatsApp, which is launching in 2021. This will happen when the new feature will be installed. As per Whatsapp updates, this Audio and video calling for Web WhatsApp feature are still in the development stage.

Multi-Device Supported

Multi-Device supported is the most exciting feature of WhatsApp, In Which, users will be able to login to multiple devices at a Time.

all the new features Of WhatsApp

Nowadays WhatsApp only supports two devices at the same time, namely a phone and a connected System / Desktop. The feature will allow audio and video calls to ring across devices at the same time.

Mute Video Before Sending

In this feature of WhatsApp, you Can mute your video before sending it to your friends.  

The mute video feature is still in the development stage and, after development, a speaker icon would be available on the left side, next to the duration and file size details of the video that a user wants to share.

Mute video before sending is the most exciting feature of WhatsApp.

Read Later Feature

WhatsApp is currently sending notifications of archived chats. After the development of the Read-Later Feature, the user will be able to mute a chat then WhatsApp will not send notifications of the muted chats.

Read later will also come with an edit button for users to customize settings.

WhatsApp users will also be able to quickly unachieved the Selected Chats..

Join Missed Call Group Feature

This feature of WhatsApp is very important for those people who are unable to join their group call due to busyness. This feature allows them to join the group call at any time. WhatsApp will notify them when the call starts. This is a small, but very impressive feature.

all the new features Of WhatsApp, latest 2021 updates of whatsapp

Attach Multiple Photos and Videos

Attach multiple photos and videos is also one of the amazing features of WhatsApp. In this feature, when the user selects multiple photos and wants to export, then on Copy the user will be able to paste the selected data in Chat Bar in the form of images and videos.


At the end of this informative article, I believe that the feature of Whatsapp that is launching will be the most powerful feature, that will increase the level of Whatsapp privacy and this feature will also help WhatsApp to increase the ratings of Whatsapp and the world’s most powerful video and audio messaging application.        

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