How can I start freelance with no experience, You must know Is freelancing a good career option?

start freelance with no experience
start freelance with no experience

How can I start freelance with no experience, You must know Is freelancing a good career option? In this article, let me try to deliver the knowledge that, Freelancing helps you to work from home. Freelancing makes us independent and helps you to part time work at home job.

start freelance with no experience,
Is freelancing a good career option
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Pros and Cons:

Before starting freelancing, you need to know the pros and cons of the Freelancing. The main disadvantage of freelancing is that; you have to sit at home. Sometimes we get tired of just living in the same environment for a long period, and mostly freelancers gets health issues while sitting on same place. But the advantage is that we can do global work and travel from one place to another. Also search for work and travel USA program. It won’t disturb our work. Some people need face-to-face interaction with people. So, it gets very difficult for them.

If you want to travel and work while traveling, that’s what we call a digital nomad. And through the forums by which this happens, called digital nomad forum

Communication and Client Handling:

Since you still don’t have any experience, you don’t have the knowledge, technical skills, or soft skills. The second thing is to get a course or training, or masterclass, either it’s paid or free about the soft skills. Again, soft skills, not technical skills and verbal communication skills. Strong verbal and written communication skills can help you to get quick response and win the project. 

You have to focus more on communication, negotiation, people handling, client handling, project management handling. Something more on soft skills compared to technical skills because technical skills can be learned easily. Suppose you are a person who loves to explore. It’s just so easy compared to soft skills that are so challenging to learn. Especially if you are going to close a deal, that’s a skill.

start freelance with no experience,
Is freelancing a good career option
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It will be easier for you to close a deal, to close a project, if you are good at communication, negotiation, and client management. If you can learn that one, you can easily get projects.

Polish your Skills: 

If you are good at graphics, writing, accountant, data entry, creative designing, etc., polishing these skills will increase your knowledge. Focus to work on yourself. It helps you during negotiations with clients. Your work attracts the client. For that, you must join the best learning skills academy.

Take free online training. It would help you to polish your skills. And by taking these pieces of exercises, you get to know a lot. You get the opportunity to polish your skills. It helps you to focus on your one particular skill. You can take paid training as well. It’s all up to you.

Get to know about your Interest:

If you exactly don’t know about interest. Then it would be best if you communicated with the people ask them about their experiences. Get more knowledge about freelancing. Watch few videos on youtube and other thousands of platforms. After all of this, you are capable of knowing what exactly you want from this freelancing.

Acquire Clients:

  • How can I start freelance with no experience?
  • Now you need to know how to communicate with clients?
  • Is freelancing a good career option?
  • How to impress them with your work?
  • What is in your skill that attracts them and makes themselves your client?
  • How to maintain a good relationship between you and your client?
start freelance with no experience,
Is freelancing a good career option
Source: UNSPLASH (Photos for Everyone)

For that, you must target that have the highest hiring rates in freelancing platforms like, fiver, upwork, freelancer, guru, peopleperhour, etc and search for freelancing jobs in Canada, freelancing project management, social media freelancing, reddit freelancing, freelancing business analyst, freelancing websites India, etc.

Your Social Media sites help you to attract clients to your work. You can use any social media platform such as Facebook, Snapchat, Twitter, Instagram, Linked In, etc. You people can show your work and experience. You can post those content, which is the need of the hour. It could be related to writing, graphic designing, and digital marketing, and all that. It’s a long process, but it’s worth it. 

Scammers Alerts:

I would highly recommend that you try to sign up on third-party platforms like Hub staff, Total, PeoplePerHour, and freelancers.  There are many legit platforms but let me tell you guys that even on LinkedIn and other third-party platforms. Please know that there are still scammers out there. Be careful while dealing with the client.  

Starting from Scratch:

When you start doing freelancing, you will get the amount you want but hold on. Start your work from a small amount. It would be very helpful for you. You get experience. And join groups. Groups help you stay updated with what’s going on and all that.


Freelancing is full of worthiness, but it is just time taking process. By following the right direction, you can achieve your goals of becoming a perfect freelancer.

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