Unique Business Ideas – Tips for Growing your business

Unique Business Ideas, Million Dollars Business Ideas

Unique business ideas for men, here In this context, we will talk about tips and tricks for growing your small business. If you’re thinking about starting a small business or maybe even having one, these tips will help.


So a little background on me. I have my business crafts by E for a little over six and seven months. I think I am able enough to talk about this. I feel like I have a lot of experience in the small business community and using different platforms to my advantage. 

Unique Business Ideas

Million Dollars Business Ideas:

Most of the tips I’ll be talking about today will be based on using Instagram for your business. That’s the only platform that I use, and I used to post a lot of content on Instagram. It’s just my leading platform because there’s such a big audience there and a lot of possibility of enormous outrage to your business or your account. So a lot of these will relate to using Instagram.


So first on the Instagram topic. There is a new feature called reels. Suppose you don’t know about this. It would help if you started using it right now. Reels are a new feature on Instagram. So any video that you post there will be promoted because Instagram wants people to use their unique characteristics. Such as reels lives and other new features that they might add in the future. So definitely use Instagram’s new features, and they’ll promote it because they want people to use all the new parts of Instagram. They have a significant audience. They get so many views, and it’s helpful to attract people to your business account, etc.

Start regularly posting content on Instagram. I would recommend you guys to post content once a day. Make it routine. It is the best business idea that I would recommend to you guys.

Aesthetic Color Scheme (For Your Business):

Another thing that I think many people look over whenever starting their business is to come up with a like aesthetic or a color palette or a color scheme for your feed and your business. Now, this goes along with branding outside of Instagram. Just branding for your shop in total is enormous. I want to help, if you had a specific color palette to choose to go with your business. 

To go with the vibes, you want to give off the products that you’re going to make you want to have an aesthetic. So the aesthetic I use, i.e., the colors purple and sage, possibly more in the future, but I use those they’re in my logo. All of my posts have something to do with purple and green. Si, it makes my feed cohesive and attractive. It makes it look organized, and it attracts more people.

Color adds attractiveness to your products. You can change your color according to your choice and product requirements.

Unique Business Ideas, Million Dollars Business Ideas


I’ve seen many people who only post on Instagram once a week, maybe once every two weeks. They get angry because they don’t know why their posts aren’t doing well, and they’re not gaining any followers or any outreach. It is because you’re not posting often enough.

So I try and post every other day. Sometimes if I have time, I’ll post every day just so that people will continue to see my posts in their feed because if you quit posting, people will stop visiting your account as they go through Instagram. But if you post consistently, they will always see your posts in your account. And then they’ll start to remember you. 

Many people don’t think about that, but it’s kind of like a brain thing. You might not remember who they are, but you can remember their colors (which they use in the business products). You can remember what they sell. So definitely post consistently so that more people will see you often. 


There are a vast number of humans who don’t consider posting Instagram stories important. Because you know it only stays up for 24 hours, or they don’t think it’s essential, but it’s important because you can interact with your followers. You can show your face. You can show them little tidbits of your life behind the scenes of your business. Whatever you want to post, I usually post many updates on my story, saying this product is coming soon or look at this.

Instagram Story Posting:

So definitely, posting on your story is very good because people will start to see your account. They might even get to know a bit of you. Get the opportunity to trust you and your business ideas. Usually, people get inspired by your struggles. I would recommend you guys keep updating your Instagram stories. I could be related to your life, business, and experiences.

I used to post about new products. About the pros and cons of the product, when it is coming, prices, etc., this kind of tip helps you grow your business.

Importance of Instagram in Business:

Now, move a little bit away from Instagram, but if you do not have Instagram for your business. You need to make a new one .now the amount of outreach you can gain from Instagram is crazy. There’s so many people on there waiting to find new small businesses like you.

Unique Business Ideas, Million Dollars Business Ideas

Non-Instagram Tips:

So my top non-Instagram tip is to post and have multiple platforms for your business. See, for me, I have an Instagram, I have a Facebook, and a YouTube channel. As you’re watching this, I have a podcast. Of course, I have an easy shop. I have at least five platforms. I feel like the more platforms you have, and it can’t be a bad thing. It’s just more ways for people to reach out to you in your business.

I’m sure that just having multiple platforms for people to reach you on is essential for your business. You were regularly updating the business platforms that help you to grow. Consistency enables you to boost your business as well as in your life.

Physical Work Advertisement:

Now let’s talk about some real-life ways to help grow your business .so for in-person ways to grow your business, my biggest thing would probably be to tell people about your business. If you’re talking to someone casually, you can bring it up in a conversation and introduce your business to them. You can check it out. I think this would be cool if you would like these products.

The biggest thing is to have the courage to introduce people to your business. They might get the product they needed. I always carry some business cards in the back of my phone. In case I run into someone, we start talking about stuff, and they want to know more about my business .so I carry business cards, um, little stickers that have my information on it or just regular business cards, whatever you like. So I can pass this out to people who are wondering what I sell, how to buy etc.

These were the few business ideas that help you guys to grow and improve your business qualities.