Unusual Ways to Get Traffic on Your Website – 100,000 page views under 20 days

Unusual Ways to Get Traffic on Your Website, 100,000 page views under 20 days

Unusual Ways to Get Traffic on Your Website – 100,000 page views under 20 days. I am here to let you guys know the best way toΒ get traffic on your websites. Organic marketing is the best way to start your business.

And put yourself out there because organic marketing consists of being a more visible building. I am obsessed with service-based and e-commerce based business. Owners grow their businesses with authenticity and ease.

Unusual Ways to Get Traffic on Your Website,
100,000 page views under 20 days
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Techniques to Get Traffic on your Website:

We well break about fourΒ unusual ways to get traffic on your website. The first one is to have aΒ Resource pageΒ that is dedicated to showing praise for companies and individuals. The more resources you put on your page, the more exposure you get.

For example, when someone put my website on their website resources page. The first thing that I would do is go to their page and check it out. And I would feel like I am indebted to that person like that person is giving me free publicity.

Just make sure that you inform that other entrepreneurs or business owner know that you put them up in your resources pages. They would share it with their audiences, and you would get more reach and more traffic on your website.

Action Effort for Website Unique Visitor:

It would be best if you took some action for the Unique website visitors. It is because to bring order to access the rest of your blog post, videos podcast. Mostly that’s what happened for texts blog posts. This is something that I saw onΒ “ENTREPRENEUR”Β orΒ “FORBES”.

I started reading and scrolling down.Β “Entrepreneur” one of those websites where you need a subscription. That subscription could be monthly. After subscribing to their page, you can get access to the rest of the page.

If you have a blog post, make sure that you cut off your content and for people to access the rest of the content. Just ask them to share it on their social media likeΒ Twitter, Facebook, PintrestΒ .you would instantly get unlimited and unique traffic on your website. This is anΒ unusual ways to get traffic on your website,Β but it works well.

Guys, I have a Question for You and I want to know the Exact Answer of this Question:

What report shows which web pages get the most traffic and highest engagement?

Roundup your Posts and Articles:

Roundup your posts means that you can take an interview about different things. You can get their opinion on particular items. When you ask them, they will surely reply to you back. And then share that opinions on your blog posts. Firstly it is a quick way to write a blog post. Because all you have to do is copy and paste the entire blog post. Even though it will require little effort on your part to do the research and send emails.  

But the traffic on that blog post is going to be huge because every single expert in your niche would be sharing your article. Other bloggers will contribute to your blog post. This is the way you are putting yourself in front of audiences. And, in return, you wouldΒ get a lot of turbo website traffic.

Reporters Answer Question (Q&A):

Answer questions in h-a-r-o hire a reporter out .people also called it a hero. What this website does is reporters from all over the world post on this website. And requesting experts for their opinion for their stories or quotes. And in return, what they do is provide free publicity to anybody who contributes to that article. You can subscribe to that website, and you will get daily or weekly emails.

Source: UNSPLASH (Photos for Everyone)

There are many sources to get website Traffic like Website traffic generator, but remember that, all ways that are illegal, can damage your website and loss your efforts for lifetime. So, make sure to get unique website visitors by publishing unique content that is human friendly.

Through reporters reached out to and said that you could help them with their article, and In return, they featured marketing crew on their website. Through using these websites, you will automatically get traffic to your website. More traffic on your websites helps you to get more clients. These emails are themselves a way toΒ gather traffic on the websites.

What are the ways that will help you in establishing your business? In starting, it will take some time. But once you started using these techniques or methods, you will gradually beginΒ getting traffic on your website.


There are always few ways which we need to look up. Use these techniques (answer question, emails and action for websites) in the right direction to get traffic on your websites. By putting some efforts into your business will be beneficial for you in the upcoming days.