You Don’t Need Fiverr Seller Plus with Fiverr Top-Rated Seller, Why


You Don’t Need Fiverr Seller Plus, today we’re talking about fiver’s new seller plus program.  All the details and whether or not you need this program to succeed. What you should do? Should you get involved? I thought we’d go back in time just a little bit go back in time. And look at a history of how fiver has helped sellers.

Or tried to help sellers gain the upper hand to grow through the ranks go from level one to level two. Actually, help them grow in the platform to do better work something that benefits both sellers’ buyers. Fiver was helping me to become a better seller get better information.

You Don't Need Fiverr Seller Plus
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I was getting custom service from my customer service. But things started to change as the number of top-rated sellers grew on fiver. We’re talking maybe 2015 2016. They promoted too many sellers too quickly to the top-rated status.

This is because they had a weak rating system. It was a thumbs up or thumbs down rating system rather than the five-star rating system. We have today and it caused a lot of problems. There were way too many top rated sellers which means the platform was top-heavy. And thus they could not create enough customer success managers to give every top-rated seller a success manager for themselves.

Fiver Announcement:

Now I am going to read to you from the fiver announcement. The fiver website what exactly they say. the fiver plus program or the seller plus program I keep wanting to call it fiver plus will actually help you. They say it’s a special program that will connect you with a personal seller success manager

Who will offer you expert guidance to boost your business as a seller on fiver?

What are the benefits well they will help you with?

Sometimes, they say to enhance your gig’s visibility with expert advice. With the right keywords and pricing, they will help you to increase your chances to qualify for programs that drive traffic to your gigs. They will help you to engage in networking events and educational content offered exclusively to members. And all this for only 29 a month. Now if this sounds awful like a commercial that’s because it is a product folk.  

Does Seller Plus Program Matter?

The first question that I’ve had people ask me. I would actually ask myself when it comes to the seller plus program. Do you actually need this program and my answer is that I believe you?  You should be relying on no one but yourself for your success.

You should not be looking to a program or a manager or somebody inside of fiver to help you become successful. They are offering you in many cases something that you could go out and get for free. In fact, I don’t think I would trust somebody’s opinion of these things without doing the research on my own. 

Someone telling me I think you would be better off at this price point without doing the research on my own. In addition, you know I want to be in control of my success and I think you should be too. You should be the reason you succeed. You should be the reason you fail.

That is what being an entrepreneur is all about so my advice would be don’t put your success in the hands of anyone but yourself. You need to be the one doing the research going out there finding information because it’s all available to you. For instance, you don’t have to be in the program to find out what it takes to make a gig description better.  If you’re willing to educate yourself. In that regard, I don’t think you need a program like this at all.

You Don't Need Fiverr Seller Plus
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Difficulty in Customer Support:

Many of you who are lower-level seller’s maybe you’re beginners level one or two.Sellers saying that you have a hard time getting through customer support. If you are struggling to get answers from customer support. Find yourself constantly having issues needing someone to talk to and waiting sometimes.

What I have heard weeks back this might be a way to get priority customer support. They are not really advertising it as priority customer support. You will have a person who’s connected to you and hopefully if you’re paying 29 a month for it. You will definitely get a better response rate. Something that you’re finding is really holding your business up.

Various Problems Get Created:

This might actually solve that problem but I also think it creates another problem not just for you but everybody who sells on fiver. If people flock to the seller plus program. If people say I’m willing to pay 29 a month for expedited responses for a higher level of service in a sense.

In other words, fiver has then tested and proved the theory that we will pay to play for customer service. Now there’s nothing wrong with fiver monetizing a service that’s how they make their money. They are a billion-dollar company they know what they’re doing but in my opinion customer service should never be monetized. It’s a symbiotic relationship .we’re in here sellers sell fiver takes a cut we all win when the other wins.

Therefore when we are paying for express or white-glove service from the provider. Who is also benefiting from our presence on the platform? I think that puts us into a dangerous slippery slope situation it could be that this leads. Fiver to believe that it is the future of customer support that we should actually have to pay for it. And I think that’s wrong because sometimes the issues we experience are fiver fault.

You Don't Need Fiverr Seller Plus
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They should fix those for free and actually give us good response times. Basically, it’s their job to have a great customer support team for sellers.  I think that shouldn’t cost us a dime because we’re already paying those 20 of everything that we bring in and that’s the pretty hefty price tag for the low ask of good customer service only when we need it.

Rolling Around Myth:

Now there are also a lot of myths out there rolling around. I have heard about them in the top-rated seller community. People being worried that this is actually a program. You have to be in order to see some of these benefits. I am not going to get invited into special programs. However, if I am not in the seller plus program. I don’t believe that’s what it is at all.

The documentation fiver has put out there talks about them. It will help you to improve things to possibly get access to programs. Maybe they’re talking about promoted gigs. They can help you improve things and you will be chosen in the future. They are not guaranteeing access to these programs. They are simply saying we’ll offer you tips and advice to help you. It is your job to implement there are no guarantees. If you do a great job maybe you’ll get into these programs. All things you can do on your own.  It’s really slippery slope.

Reach Out Today:

You can connect with potential clients with the help of your network. Freelance websites such as https://freelancer.comFiverr,, or Upwork can help you finding work. For experience, testimonials, and referrals these websites are a very good source.

Paid Sign Up:

If fiver starts causing or requiring people to sign up for a paid service. To have access to certain things that then boost your gigs. This is what a lot of people were upset about. When the fiver learn platform came out because essentially fiver began promoting the learning platform by saying hey if you take these courses pay us for these courses and complete them. Then every time you complete one we’ll put that badge on your profile and that will actually factor into things and boost your rank. 

I just think it’s something that they touted and promoted that way. But it wasn’t actually true. I don’t think that’s the case for seller plus. In the end, I don’t believe that they’re actually going to give you access to exclusive things.  which you couldn’t get by improving and working on your gigs on your own to raise your rank and rise up organically through the ranks. And become a top-rated seller that way or get into those programs that way.


In Conclusion, it’s not a magical wand. You have to follow all these strategies to get assess to customer services or boost up your gigs. Your own research, statistics, belief would definitely help you to become a top-rated seller on fiver.