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When a Computer programmer writes codes that instruct a machine how an application or software should perform various tasks, this process is called computer programming.

Importance OF programming:

Programming language importance may be analyzed by the requirement of this century, which is growing/increasing day by day, including games, another web, and mobile-based applications. Programming is being used to initiate any computer activity, computer programming maintains, assemble,s and interprets the information provided by the programmer/maker. Programming also controls external devices like a robot, printer, wireless mouse, keyboard, air phones, and other Bluetooth devices.

Benefits of Programming Language:

People who equip themselves with computer programming know-how to coding and decoding, can communicate all over the globe and other cultures, innovation is a condition, they resolve the bugs in it. Nowadays, programmers have made various freelancer associations to support themselves and their professions. As a normal computer operator, we cannot think about working without programmers. We only see external graphical looks of an application.

Employment Rate for Programmers:

The profession of a computer programmer is highly demanding anywhere in the world, and the computer programmer profession demand cannot be denied; however, it is another issue that the client finds good programmers in low wage rate, just because of the law of demand and supply.

The person who knows how to write computer coding/programming, enables your machine to accomplish certain tasks, in approximately every industry today, one may imagine theme, idea, these programmers may bring your dreams words into reality according to the need of user/client, engineering, medical, educational, web developer, industrial engineering, speech pathologist, veterinarian, architecture, construction, transportation, distribution, logistics, manufacturing and statisticians, all areas of life require these programmers to carry their tasks in an efficient and professional manner without using so many workers.

The average annual salary of computer programmers varies from country to country; new programmers earn 50,000 to 85,000 US $ per year. Computer programmers having some experience earns 85,000 to 100,000 US $ and the high experts and old computer programmers earn 100,000 to 140,000 US $ and more.

Computer Programmers Office:

Most computer programmers work from home. They work from their den and rules the world by remaining within four walls of their comfort zone (bedroom).

What are the Skills a Computer Programmer Requires?

There are certain skills which a computer programmer must learn, like:

1.     Mathematical Skills.

2.     Self-Motivation

3.     Writing skills

4.     Typing skills

5.    Problem-solving skills

6.     Open to the learning capability

Basically, computer programming depends on these things / Types of programming:

1.     Desktop programming

2.     Web programming

3.     AI programming

4.     Machine learning programming

5.     Data Science programming

The above-mentioned points lead a computer programmer towards the main target; they decide what to do, what you are going to make, then computer programmer decide the type of programming and start working on it. After making a decision which type of programming has to adopt, then a computer programmer chooses the programming language like JavaScript, C++, Net, Java, Python, C, C#, Pascal language, Fortran language, Pert Language, LISP Language, PHP, Scheme.

How I should decide to adopt a profession of a computer programmer:

1.     Before taking the initiative in this field, pursue yourself and raise a question of why you need to grip coding.

2.     Take available online classes; you may use various platforms, like YouTube, courser.org, and other online certifications available on the internet.

3.     Always keep notes,

4.     Take tutions

5.     Buy a book

You may learn according to your available time, feasible to you, you may learn as per your pace. You can be definitely a self-learning coding developer or programmer.

What are the disadvantages/side effects of being a computer programmer?

1.     Health Risks and IT job stress.

2.     Long working hours

3.     Day by Day advances in the field of technology.

4.     Salary and job outlook.

What are the toughest tasks a Does computer programmer perform?

1.     Naming

2.     What I do and don’t do is explainable.

3.     Requires to mention task time deadline and sometimes to share with your client.

4.     Client dealing

5.     Documenting each and everything to avoid errors

6.     Have to mention every step and event

7.     To acquire a leadership role

8.     To copy with business policies.

The right age for learning Computer Programming:

The right age to learn computer language is a young age, especially for kids when they become capable to grab the things in their surroundings as technology. Coding facilitates them to learn communication, math, confidence, and basic freelancing and computer usage techniques.

Yes, it is agreeable that the computer programmer profession is the hardest of all it requires consistency, regularity, and a lot of other skills already mentioned above but if you are versatile and have an interest and keep yourself open to learn. These languages are not tougher than other foreign languages, so take them as you are learning a second language / foreign language. Learning requires attention; one may get mastery in computer programming languages. It like learning how to drive a heavy 22 wheeler truck, with a lot of pressure involved in it. Learning depends on interest and how you take it up, rather for fun or as a serious career. Always find excitement in it; otherwise, you will leave the field.

Coding specialist or a developer are highly paid profession even in Corona; their high demand did not found decline, however their demand increase in COVID-19 peak days. We should promote our kids to learn coding languages at their early ages at the primary school level. As per studies and physical observations, kids are more open to learning because they don’t have certain hesitations and grudges, pride which stop the learning process. It is to be considered that children are prone to learn these coding languages easily as compare to elders because of their creativity and fluid minds which allow them to think. Programming languages have a huge market available. Coders are gaining importance in upcoming job demands. The programming sector has proved to be a vibrant sector. As per the US Bureau of Labor Statistics, programming languages have a bright future up to the year 2026, the demand and the number of software experts have grown rapidly. This proves the future of programmers; one may earn up to a six-figure salary in programming.

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